How to apply to Australian institutions

How to apply to Australian institutions

Nepalese in WA Forums I have a question about this website How to apply to Australian institutions

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    Australia Process Kasari Garne
    Step 1:โœ…
    suruma ielts/toefl/pte garnus. Bachelor ko lagi ho vane minimum ielts ma overall 6 each band not less than 5.5 chahinxa (if you have good academy then only apply with each band 5.5 better above 6) and master ko lagi overall 6.5 each band not less than 6 ( some university accept overall 6 too for master) Or equivalent toefl/pte. Tara kunai kunai uni/college le yo vanda high ni magna sakxa and also according to course.
    Step 2: โœ…
    kun uni/ college jane vanera afaile khojnus. Normally vannu parda uni ko fee ali high hunxa college ko tulanama. Afule afford garna sakne uni/college shortlist garnus. Fee uni/college kai website ma hunxa. Yedi academics low xa or ielts low xa vane uni ma apply garda ramro kina vane college ma garda visa rejection ko chances badi hunxa (expect some cases) [Academy & IELTS ramro xa vaney majala college ma apply garnu] . Kun thau ma kaam pauxa sydney/melbourne/brisbane/perth/drawin etc tyesko barema ni majjale bujhnus with your elders or jo aus gayi saknu vako xa uha haru sanga.
    Step 3: โœ…
    Uni/college shortlist gari sake paxi tyo uni /college ko authorized or kun agent la apply garxa bujnu. Visit minimum 5 consultancy or you can find some of good consultancy here in group asked then tne haru la tesma apply garxan ke nai and visit them and get counselling from them . You will get many information from them which may varies from counseller.
    Step 4: โœ…
    Tyes agent madhye euta choose garnus which provide good information. Mostly Nepali agents nai choose garnus. Now a days most of consultancy do free processing for those students who have good academy and ielts (60%+ and overall 6 each band 5.5), if they did not give asked for then or do not pay more then 15k NRP. Do not do sign in any paper for process in Consultancy.
    Step 5: โœ…
    Consultancy la academics , ielts score n sop (Statement of Purpose) [ you can find sop in info 1} Click on info (which you can see at top of group) 2} almost at last you will see FILE click there] pathauxan ra offer letter aauxa
    Step 6: Offer letter anusar ko financial documents banaune ho. Tyesma tapai harulai consultancy le purai guide garxan.
    Step 6: โœ…
    Financial submit gare paxi GTE approve hunxa. GTE ko lage darai university/clg la interview lenxa prepare for that ( interview questions group file ma xa. 1} Click on info (which you can see at top of group) 2} almost at last you will see FILE click there).
    Step 7:โœ…
    GTE approve vaye paxi college/uni ko fee tirne ho. Fee terna ko lage NOC (No Objection Certificate) banauna parxa from Ministry of Education bata. NOC banauna 1} offer letter 2} last education transcription original and photocopy 3} Nagarita 4} passport chainxa . NOC banauna 2000 NRP lagxa per subject (diploma leading bachelor ho vaney 2ta banauna parxa). Fee chai education loan or bank balance bata transfer garnu parxa.
    Step 8:โœ…
    Fee tire paxi COE aauxa tyo aaye paxi balla sab documents haru AHC (Australia High Commission) lai pathaune ho visa ko lage. ( COE vaney ko visa hoina, COE aayo vaney visa lago vanne hudaina) AHC lai documents pathaunu ko exact word vaneko “visa lodge” gareko vanxan. Visa Lodge garda 29200 IC lagxa.
    Step 9: โœ…
    Medical before or after visa lodge garda hunxa. Medical garey ko around 5k NRP lagxa Nepal ma Australia ko lage 2ta place bata matra Medical garnu melxa Norvic and Nepal international clinic. (best before visa lodge garda hunxa). Visa lodge garey paxe biometrics garne ho. Biometrics ma picture, finger print & signature legenxa. Biometric ko lage 3260 NRP lagxa.
    Offer Letter , GTE , COE ko kunai Paisa lagdaina (We have came to know some of consultancy is asking with is wrong). Some consultancy says they will arrange OSHC (Overesea Student Health Cover) do only if offer letter ko OSHC price vanda less xa vaney.
    AHC Visa Officer look mainly 3 things to grant your visa.
    1} Academy โœ…
    2} IELTS โœ…
    3] Financial โœ…

    College/uni le interview lina ni sakxa na lina ni sakxa tyo agents harule vannu hunxa most of UNI/ College takes. For eg. ACU le interview linna vanera suneko whereas CQU le 2 3 samma ni interview lina sakxa GTE approve garnu vanda aagadi samma. Depends upon case and some takes before offer letter. AHC le chai interview lina ni sakxa na lina ni sakxa but we should be prepare ( Good academy n ilets vako students lai pani interview laga vateyao xa) . University/ College le interview leda time and date vanxa but AHC la any working day and time ma lena sakxa.
    Student with Dependent ko lai marriage certificate, marriage Photographs, extra 8 to 10 lakh fund, relationship, Passport chahinxa. kunai kunai Uni ma dependent ko pani Academic herchha.
    Dependent ko ma matra huda ni tyastai ho mathi bhako sab and invitation letter, student ko pani fund or loan if chha bhnae, Income haru student ko lai use gareko + aru pani chha bhane, Property valuation ,8 to 10 lakh ko fund or loan for dependent, Insurance . Age for dependent is according to the Nepalese law but minimum 20 age+ is good.
    Financial ma ni dherai kura hunxa like loan line, documents haru ksari banune, SOP ksarI lakne kurama tyo tapai harulai agents le guide garnu hunxa. Consultancy palys vital role in visa (its does not mean they have link , its coz its guide you in making all documents)
    So, Choose
    TEC Group
    Hope this helps for you to Study in Australia ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ
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